Social Networking for a Cause

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The only permanent thing in this world is change. Two decade ago, we would not have known concepts such as wifi, autocad, powerpoint, electronic mails and the likes. But now, these words are very common and people can not function without these things. And everyday technology is improved, applications added, breakthroughs discovered, and science accelerating.

We had a seminar on Social Media today and its implications to our communities and the world itself. Their presentation was like a lapel pin for their passions and the things that they believe in. It was symbolic and really represented their thoughts and what they want to do for the communities in the world. Social media affect our lives whether we like it or not, making the most of it or enjoying it depends on us. Others use it purely for entertainment, some for business and there are those who use it for their cause.

Believe it or not, there are still organizations in the world that are not using the internet for advertising because of the limitations it presents. So this seminar has been a help to those who do not use the media for socialization. Through social media, more people are reached at a lesser price.

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