Vietnamese Coffee and Brazilian Coffee

posted by Jan

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Just have to say this.

We are having Brazilian guests with us, along with other people from different countries (Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria) and if you know me, I like entertaining guests.

In our office where we had our meeting, I tried to impress them by serving Vietnamese coffee. Okay. I know coffees in Brazil are really good. But Vietnamese coffee was the best coffee I had at home.

I have friends from Vietnam who came to our house last year and gave me 3 packs of Vietnamese coffee and since I love it so much, I tried not to drink a lot so I can still extend its life... hehehe. In fact, I had to buy coffee from Starbucks so I don't use the Vietnamese coffee that much. LOL.

And so, this time, when we're having some guests, I took out my coffee maker and I served my guests Vietnamese coffee.

And the next day, one of them gave me one big pack of Brazilian coffee. Extra Forte. Dunno what that means. LOL.

I am just so glad I have one of those coffee machines that I can use to brew coffee.

Some small small things in life make a happy me and I thank God for blessing me with the best coffee in the world!