What do our Children See?

posted by Jan

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Oftentimes we presume that our kids see what we see. Parents should ask the question, “what does my child see?”—and this does not only apply to what he or she sees physically. It could also be, “what is he or she focused on?” What we focus on are things that matter and are important to us.

If you are a parent and you are an athlete, you would see things from an athlete’s perspective. You would prefer to linger on the sports channel. What if your child likes to bake? Cook? Finds pleasure in watching those cooking shows? It means one thing: your child has set a focus. He or she has seen something—something you may not necessarily see.

As a parent, it is not our duty to let our kids see what we see. It would not be right to let them love what we love, either. Begin to see what your child sees and by all means, support them as individuals owning a different vision that you have. Let them soar to reach their potentials and highest dreams!

1 comment