When Rewards Become Traps

posted by Jan

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Children naturally look for rewards. It is likened to the “wind beneath their wings”. While it is good to reward our children, it can also be dangerous as a trap. It becomes one when our kids could no longer function well if we don’t give them the “price that’s right”.

When our kids would start to ask, “what’s in it for me?” It means that he or she did not understand well why he or she has to do something good. All those years that they have been obedient were all because of the rewards that they’ll get.

It is important therefore that parents would draw a big, clear picture why children have to do what they have to do. Sure, the rewards and the encouragements would be a part of the picture. It could still very well be the wind beneath their wings.

When kids become adults, they would not be lured by people who would give them rewards by doing something evil. They would understand that rewards come because they deserve it, not just to satisfy their wants and desires.