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Loving Melbourne

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Last year, I was able to avail Air Asia's promo fare and got a cheap fare to Melbourne, Australia from Kuala Lumpur. I got something around 700$ for our return ticket. And yes, that's for the 4 of us.

Air Asia is a blessing from God. Now, everyone can fly! LOL.

Anyways, we are loving it in Melbourne. The kids are having fun in the cold. If that's the right way to say it.

On our first day, it was windy and the weather was on 15 deg celcius. The kids took off their clothes, ran around, shouting their lungs off: Yay! It's cold! It's cold! LOL.

We were targeting The Great Ocean Road yesterday but in the morning when we saw the news, the weather was not going to be good.. so we decided to divert to the Philip Island instead. The kids had fun at the Amaze n Things. I had fun too. It's just dizzying at the illusion sections. I guess it comes with age. But it was fun and educational at the same time.

We are loving Melbourne.

What can I say?

Thank you, Lord for the blessing!

The Human Body

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I love Biology. It used to be my favorite subject in school. I would spend hours and hours just studying about the Human body, it's cells, what it's made off and stuff like that. Now that I have a son who goes to a primary school, I have a chance to show off my knowledge. It just helps that I love to teach also. So now, my son not only learns Science in school, he learns some from me, too.

I guess the next topic I wanna teach him is the human body:

Isn't this an amazing? I can totally show this one. And I'm sure that he would test it on himself if I told him from this graph that it's impossible to tickle one's self.

I am pretty sure you would try it too. :)

I just did. :D

Archery in Sunway Pyramid | The Archer in Me

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It's been a long time since I wanted to take my son to an indoor archery in Sunway Pyramid. Last week, we walked past the sports center and he asked me when we can start playing archery. I promised we would go back the next week.

And so to fulfill my promise, we went to play archery today.

It was fun launching Schenker and my sister Jirah into the world of archery. Schenker had so much fun hitting archery targets. :D

I was thrilled to revive the archer in me as well. I tell you, when I started holding the longbow and the arrow, it felt like there was never a gap in years when I last played it.

If I remember correctly, the last time I played was when I represented my province to a Regional Competition when I was in high school.

Yes, I was a good archer. But now, I need to brush up the skill.

I want my son to take after me. He seemed to be enjoying archery. So I hope we'll continue doing it.

Blogger Shirt

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I know that shirts you're wearing define who you are. That's why, sometimes, I am careful on what shirt I wear.

But have you tried wearing a shirt and you get funny reactions? I have.

I wore a shirt on one of the days we were visiting Singapore. Now, it's not my first time to visit Singapore but I tell you, what attention I got was a first time. I have experienced a very good customer service wherever I went.

They probably changed over the years... but hey, who would walk you to a train ticket machine, buy the tickets for you and family and walk you to the escalator to show you where to hop on the train so you could get to Orchard Road? I was sooo loving it.

Anyways, if you want to get some funny reactions, get some nfunny t shirts at I also want to make more blogger shirts. My sister did for me. It wasn't looking very professionally done but it did serve the purpose.

What about you? Have you tried wearing a blogger shirt and got the attention you wanted?

Try it!

Jotta A

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I believe by now most of you have seen Jotta A singing Gospel songs in a Kiddie Talent Competition in Brazil. Jotta A, a 12-year old Brazilian just amazes billions of people with his great vocals and with his boldness in using his talent for God's glory.

He is amazing.

I do praise God for Jotta A.

Here's Jotta A singing Agnus Dei:

Here's Jotta A singing Amazing Grace (originally sang by Chris Tomlin)

Perfecting Portraits Challenge #4 | My Brazilian Friends

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Took this shot when we went to Ranong, Thailand last month. Back then, I didn't have any idea how to use my post-processing software. Now that I know the basic stuff, I've been trying my hand on post editing. 

And so, yes... this is my Perfecting Portraits Challenge #4 : My Brazilian friends. They are fun to be with. I actually just started giving them English classes. Not a dull moment with them. 

Image below is the original image, by the way. What say you? Does my above image look over processed? Hmmm...

Techie Kids

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When I was in elementary school, entertainment for kids usually just means playing endlessly outdoors, running around and playing hide-and-seek with peers. Nowadays, only a few kids are interested in playing outdoors. Most of the time, they just like to sit around in front of the television and play X-box, play station, etc.

Maybe it is just a generation gap, but I think kids mature earlier nowadays. Remember when you were in college and you still have to beg your parents to buy you a cell phone? Well apparently, kids as young as 10 years old already demands for a cell phone, and an htc desire 2.2 none the less! Oh, these techie kids..

Perfecting Portraits Challenge #3 | Serendipity

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We were at the Orchard Road in Singapore, goofing around, taking some snap shots with my sister and kids. Samantha was giving her out-of-this-world poses. Jirah, my sister would mimic her. Then I'd take shots some more.

Would you believe I got the shot I wanted without even trying so much?


That's what I call it.

Original image below:

Here's my Perfecting Portraits Challenge series

Challenge #1

Challenge #2 | Family Photo

Hope you enjoy this series.

Homes and Decoration

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The homes from Architectural Digest are truly drool-worthy, from the actor’s homes to the businessmen to the ordinary people who are able to make palaces out of their homes. Some have simple yet elegant designs while others have weird eclectic tastes but one thing that binds them all are that they are models and are meant to be followed.

This magazine could certainly be a good reference for those who would like to build their own house or renovate one. They have articles on color schemes, cord management, furniture, wiring and everything else related to interior design. What I love most about this magazine is that you see different kind cultures that are projected through the homes of different kinds of people from the all over the world. Its diversity is what makes people read this magazine.

Perfecting Portraits Challenge #2 | Family Photo

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I asked my sister to take this shot with settings pre-set. Post-processed via Photoshop CS5 extended using blend modes and such.

Took this after thePlan11 Youth Conference. We stayed one extra day for my husband to rest and for us to spend time with the kids. We've been running around like crazy during the conference and the kids were left on their own most of the time. Just love that friends took care of them while we were busy at the conference.

Loved the time we spent with kids by the pool side too where we had games and stories.

Thank God for the time spent at thePlan11. I had one of those wonderful moments of my life.

I thank God for the rest after the conference, too.

We are now starting to plan for thePlan13! Yay!

Here's the original photo by the way:

Travel and Write

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Traveling through Europe would perhaps be one of the most amazing things I could achieve in my short, eventful and blessed life. Europe is made of small countries so if you drive it would take you quite a short time to get to another country. So in a very tiny span of time you get to see other cultures from different nations, containing different people and languages. It would be fun to write a book while doing that, just observing customs and seeing how people interact in different places. Just don’t forget to bring necessary documents, medicines, first aid kit and snow tire chains. It’s always good to be ready and proactive. If you do travel through Europe, please do not forget to share your experiences.

Would you Like to Wait?

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A few people like to wait. Wait for someone, wait for their food, wait for classes to begin, or wait for the right time. Sometimes you get bored waiting especially if you are waiting alone. But there are also positive attributes to waiting. It gives you time to think of things and life-changing decisions, it allows you to admire small things around you like the beauty of the restaurant furniture you were staring during the past two hours or to just simply ponder and evaluate your life. You need not be agitated or tensed while waiting for it could be a good avenue for sorting out your life’s daily mess. Waiting is not very enjoyable but as a rational and mature human being we should use this activity for our benefit.

Perfecting Portraits Challenge #1

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Finally, I have decided where to post my Perfecting Portraits Challenge. Last month, I had a chance to spend time with my mentor in Photography. And I have learned a lot that time. But I knew it wasn't enough, especially on editing photos. And so, when I knew that I was going to meet my mentor last week, I decided I should focus more on post-processing techniques with him.

The above image was the result of my post-processing...

Below is the original photo.