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I know that shirts you're wearing define who you are. That's why, sometimes, I am careful on what shirt I wear.

But have you tried wearing a shirt and you get funny reactions? I have.

I wore a shirt on one of the days we were visiting Singapore. Now, it's not my first time to visit Singapore but I tell you, what attention I got was a first time. I have experienced a very good customer service wherever I went.

They probably changed over the years... but hey, who would walk you to a train ticket machine, buy the tickets for you and family and walk you to the escalator to show you where to hop on the train so you could get to Orchard Road? I was sooo loving it.

Anyways, if you want to get some funny reactions, get some nfunny t shirts at I also want to make more blogger shirts. My sister did for me. It wasn't looking very professionally done but it did serve the purpose.

What about you? Have you tried wearing a blogger shirt and got the attention you wanted?

Try it!