Loving Melbourne

posted by Jan

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Last year, I was able to avail Air Asia's promo fare and got a cheap fare to Melbourne, Australia from Kuala Lumpur. I got something around 700$ for our return ticket. And yes, that's for the 4 of us.

Air Asia is a blessing from God. Now, everyone can fly! LOL.

Anyways, we are loving it in Melbourne. The kids are having fun in the cold. If that's the right way to say it.

On our first day, it was windy and the weather was on 15 deg celcius. The kids took off their clothes, ran around, shouting their lungs off: Yay! It's cold! It's cold! LOL.

We were targeting The Great Ocean Road yesterday but in the morning when we saw the news, the weather was not going to be good.. so we decided to divert to the Philip Island instead. The kids had fun at the Amaze n Things. I had fun too. It's just dizzying at the illusion sections. I guess it comes with age. But it was fun and educational at the same time.

We are loving Melbourne.

What can I say?

Thank you, Lord for the blessing!