Perfecting Portraits Challenge #2 | Family Photo

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I asked my sister to take this shot with settings pre-set. Post-processed via Photoshop CS5 extended using blend modes and such.

Took this after thePlan11 Youth Conference. We stayed one extra day for my husband to rest and for us to spend time with the kids. We've been running around like crazy during the conference and the kids were left on their own most of the time. Just love that friends took care of them while we were busy at the conference.

Loved the time we spent with kids by the pool side too where we had games and stories.

Thank God for the time spent at thePlan11. I had one of those wonderful moments of my life.

I thank God for the rest after the conference, too.

We are now starting to plan for thePlan13! Yay!

Here's the original photo by the way: