The Great Ocean Road | Aerial View

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This was probably my highlight when we went to Melbourne, Australia for a family trip. Okay. Not probably... but it definitely WAS my highlight. When we were planning for our itinerary (things to do while in Melbourne), a friend suggested we did the Great Ocean Road tour. I googled it and was interested with what I saw.

I have seen some great images and what struck me the most was the beautiful 12 Apostles and you could actually take the 12 Apostles Helicopter ride to view Port Campbell, London Bridge, Loch Ard Gorge and yes, the aerial view of the 12 Apostles. My heart skipped a bit at the thought but at the same time, thought it was impossible for me to so. But my ever supportive husband encouraged me to do it.

And so, yes... we went for the Great Ocean Road tour and took the 12 Apostles Helicopter ride and saw the magnificent Great Ocean Road and its world famous attraction, the 12 Apostles.

Here are a few of my photos I took from up there, Down Under:

This was right after we took off.

The Great Ocean Road along Port Campbell aerial view.

To be able to take aerial photography of the 12 Apostles still blows my mind away. God, my Father, is that awesome to let me experience this "explosive out of the world experience." I am indeed so blessed.

When we came home the other day and when I was looking at the photos I took, I just broke down in tears, in awe of God's faithfulness in my life. And to be able to do this with my son is priceless.Yes, Schenker was with me and I was thrilled he could come with me. Really. I can't thank the Lord enough. 

More photos are coming, by the way. These are just teasers. :P

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