Praline Mocha Starbucks

posted by Jan

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It is not a doubt that I love Starbucks coffee. I used to just drink instant coffees. But since a friend introduced me to Starbucks coffee 11 years ago, I started to like drinking real, brewed coffee.

But of course, when in Starbucks cafe, I'd order a frapuccino when I want it cold. I love Java Chips frap. I'd order Caramel Macchiato if I want a hot drink.

Recently, they offered Creme Brulee Macchiato which I missed. Really wanted to try it but... hmmmm... nevermind.

I and the hubs had a 3-hour escapade yesterday and we went to Starbucks Subang Parade. I saw a flavour I haven't tried before - Praline Mocha frap -  and I tried it. It was oh-so-divine.

Starbucks Praline Mocha - Moderately sweet with a hint of bitterness. Its coffee base is the Anniversary Blend.