Hailstorm in Subang Jaya, Malaysia

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Amid the storm, sometimes, there are surprises.

We came back from church, had lunch, and we talked of watching a Hindi movie. But it started raining... like really heavy rain - cats and dogs you may call it.

The kids asked if they could play in the rain. I said yes.

I let kids play in the rain from time to time. I want them to experience what I had experienced before. My parents would let us play/bathe in the rain. Those were fun and very memorable experience.

But the wind started changing directions. Thunder became louder and louder. Power tripped. And so I asked the kids to come in the house. While they were putting on clothes, I closed the door and watched the rain from the closed glass window. I was going to start feeling melancholic.

Then I started seeing pebble-sized white stuff bouncing off the ground. The first thing that came to my mind was jasmine flowers. Our neighbour has them. But they couldn't be bouncing off the ground.

I slowly opened the door, stepped outside and took a closer look. There, I saw some small ice balls!

Hails! Hails! It's hailing! I screamed at the top of my lungs. My husband panicked at the loud scream. He thought something happened with me. There's a hailstorm in Subang Jaya!

Kids came out. And I showed them this:

hailstorm in USJ, Subang Jaya, Malaysia

It's a rare thing to happen in a country that's tropical. But hails do happen in Malaysia. Last year, in May 2010, I read that there was hailstorm in Damansara which caused panic and anxiety to the people.

How does hailstorm happen actually?

According to Malaysia Metheological Department forecasting director, Saw Bun Liong, hailstorms do happen in Malaysia:

“Some clouds can build until they are very high in the atmosphere. At certain altitudes, the cold will cause the water droplets to freeze and form ice.

“When it rains, the pellets fall down too fast to melt, causing hailstones,” Saw said.

I guess it's a bonus for us as a family to see hailstorm. I mean if it's snow in a country where there's winter, it's not a surprise at all.

But to see ice drops in a tropical country, it's a rare thing.

My family is happy to experience the miracle.

Indeed, sometimes, there are surprises amidst the storm.

Image below: That's our lamp post that broke off during the massive thunderstorm in Subang Jaya that struck at about 3pm today.

It was exciting to see hailstorm but the scene caused by the massive thunderstorm in Subang Jaya was scary.

Also, it so happened that the message in church today was on the Storms of Life we face sometimes. They happen so we can be prepared on some things to come. The preacher talked about Daniel and how God prepared him to face "the lions" in his life.

And the reason why I was happy to see the hails was because I asked God something. He did answer me and thought it was enough. But showing me rare things like this just spelled: With.God.Nothing.Is.Impossible.

Here are more images I took after the thunderstorm in USJ. The USJ 13 park is facing our house or our house is facing USJ 13 park.


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