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My Moka Pot / Stovetop Espresso Maker

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I finally got myself my own Moka Pot. I have been looking for Bialetti Moka Coffee Pot | Espresson Maker for a couple of months (since my friend mentioned about it, that is) now and I couldn't seem to find one near my area (Subang Parade and Sunway Pyramid). So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I was in Phuket and I went inside The Coffee Lover cafe and saw on the display this Moka Pot (image):

I bought it for 650Baht (around RM65), along with a pack of Gimoka L'espresso All' Italiana Caffe'Si coffee bean. It's obviously a copy of Bialleti but I guess I can make do with it until I find the original one.

Heard I can get one from Ikea or Ikano but I haven't been to those places for ages now.

The first thing I did when I got back home yesterday was to try it. I used the Kona coffee my sister sent me from Hawaii.

It was really good, full bodied, thick aroma coffee that would satisfy even a nostalgic soul.

And so, How to make a great cup of coffee using a Moka Pot? I searched youtube for an easy answer:

And so, I would like to welcome my Moka Pot to my coffee family. I enjoy drinking coffee. I love it brewed full bodied with milk froth on top.

Starbucks French Press, Milk Frother and Elba Coffee Maker:

Beach Bum No More

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My friend’s mother is handicapped. For so many years, she has been in her wheelchair and have been immobile almost half of her life. She has missed a lot of the outside world since she is confined mostly to the four corners of her house. She used to be a beach bum but when she met a vehicular accident and became paralyzed, she has not been to the beach or to any resort with pools for a swim. One time her sons brought her to one of the resorts in the city and she was just as ecstatic to see the beach and the inviting waters of the pools.

But unfortunately, it was so hard for her to swim in the pool. Her son just wished that the resort had an ada pool lift that can really help her mom go down the pool. Nevertheless, she still enjoyed the sand and the cool waters of the sea. Somehow, she was able to experience the things she used to do before.

iPad 2 for a Blogger/Teacher/Photographer

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I am now seriously thinking of getting an iPad2 for my future work. After talking to my new boss, I am convinced I need to have an iPad, for apps and e-books for my high school subject references.

Not only that, I also want to store some of my shots (okay - maybe few good shots) for my photography portfolio.

And so, I thought at first of getting a 32GB iPad with wifi. No, I don't need a 3G. I fin d that everywhere I go nowadays I can easily get online. But then again, when I'm out I try not to get online. With the 32GB, I can couple it with an external hard drive. I do have one for my recent and current photos. I don't store them in my laptop.

But then again, after getting comments from my post yesterday, I am thinking probably I should just get the one that has the biggest memory. The price difference for a 32GB and 64GB iPad2 with wifi is only 300RM. So for the double up size, to pay a wee bit RM would be a good idea.

I am ordering online. If I ordered yesterday without the engraving, I could have gotten it by Saturday. But I do want the engraving. So it takes more days to do that.

So what I'd do is, just before going for a our family trip, I will order so I can get my engraved iPad2 after we come back from our trip.

My priority accessories would be the smart cover (I need that to protect the white iPad) and a camera connection kit.

Yes. I am excited for my 64GB iPad2!

A Driver's Must-Have

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One of the challenges about driving in a place that you are not so familiar of would be getting directions. Sure, maps always come handy but it takes so much skill to use them! Not to mention of course that some street names have been changed, so you would end up asking around.

When we traveled in the States, we had a friend lend us his car to use. Driving on the right side of the road was enough challenge for hubby who has been driving on the left side all his life--- plus the directions! Thankfully we had gps tomtom. I cannot imagine having to drive around such an unfamiliar city without it!
A GPS definitely is every driver’s must-have.

Old Movies and Old Songs

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Sometimes I just feel like watching old movies, the ones I really liked in the years past. Sadly there would not be any copies of those films sold anywhere or if there would be, they would definitely cost a fortune.

Thanks to youtube video download, I could have access to those prized movies again. On top of that, I could also listen to old songs that bring so many great memories! Amazing how technology can sometimes take us back in time, and the fun times that come along with it.