Beach Bum No More

posted by Jan

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My friend’s mother is handicapped. For so many years, she has been in her wheelchair and have been immobile almost half of her life. She has missed a lot of the outside world since she is confined mostly to the four corners of her house. She used to be a beach bum but when she met a vehicular accident and became paralyzed, she has not been to the beach or to any resort with pools for a swim. One time her sons brought her to one of the resorts in the city and she was just as ecstatic to see the beach and the inviting waters of the pools.

But unfortunately, it was so hard for her to swim in the pool. Her son just wished that the resort had an ada pool lift that can really help her mom go down the pool. Nevertheless, she still enjoyed the sand and the cool waters of the sea. Somehow, she was able to experience the things she used to do before.