iPad 2 for a Blogger/Teacher/Photographer

posted by Jan on


I am now seriously thinking of getting an iPad2 for my future work. After talking to my new boss, I am convinced I need to have an iPad, for apps and e-books for my high school subject references.

Not only that, I also want to store some of my shots (okay - maybe few good shots) for my photography portfolio.

And so, I thought at first of getting a 32GB iPad with wifi. No, I don't need a 3G. I fin d that everywhere I go nowadays I can easily get online. But then again, when I'm out I try not to get online. With the 32GB, I can couple it with an external hard drive. I do have one for my recent and current photos. I don't store them in my laptop.

But then again, after getting comments from my post yesterday, I am thinking probably I should just get the one that has the biggest memory. The price difference for a 32GB and 64GB iPad2 with wifi is only 300RM. So for the double up size, to pay a wee bit RM would be a good idea.

I am ordering online. If I ordered yesterday without the engraving, I could have gotten it by Saturday. But I do want the engraving. So it takes more days to do that.

So what I'd do is, just before going for a our family trip, I will order so I can get my engraved iPad2 after we come back from our trip.

My priority accessories would be the smart cover (I need that to protect the white iPad) and a camera connection kit.

Yes. I am excited for my 64GB iPad2!