40th Birthday Surprise

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They say Life Begins at 40. And because of that, I wanted to make sure my husband would remember his 40th birthday.

You see, my husband and I have the same birth dates. He is just one year older than I am (now you know how old I am already - go figure! LOL). And so ever since we got together as a couple, we ended up not having a party for our birthdays. We just go out, give gifts in private, etc. But this year, I wanted to make it special for the hubs since he's turning 40 already.

Last month, I contacted a caterer we both knew.

I wanted a cocktail party, I said. And so, she gave me her list of menu. It looked really great and decided on it. But you also have to remember that we did a cocktail dinner for our wedding reception. Both of us want to make our parties more relaxing. Sitting down would make it less relaxing and very formal. And so, if we did a cocktail party, every one could have a chance in moving around, talk to friends, etc.

It's a good thing I contacted Lilian Jesudasan of A Family Affair Party Planner a month earlier coz they had such a huge event to cater to this week.

And so, I secretly contacted our office colleague, few friends, and our family a few weeks before the party and some, a few days before the party. I wanted to make it small but a cozy and relaxing.

Our theme was Red and Black Cocktail party.

And so, please let my photos say it all:

The venue was at the STAMP Ministry house. One day before the party, I asked my husband if I could go out and have a girls' day out with my Brazilian friend, Viviane. He sent me at 3pm, I only went home at 1:30am - the next morning! You can just imagine how worried my husband was because it was definitely a first time for me to go out and come home late! He tried calling me but I never dared answer his phone calls, lest the he would suspect I would be doing something fishy - which was really true.

I loved the way A Family Affair Party Planner a.k.a. Aunty Lilian and family did the food - suited according to my taste, I should say. My favorite was the cheese platter. I do recommend them if you need a contact to cater food for your party.

Family and friends waiting for our entrance. Had to call my friend Davi we're already at the gate. This time, my heart was really pounding so loudly, I almost couldn't move. My alibi was to come to the ministry house because I forgot something from Viviane... and I needed to pick it up that time. And so, when we reached the place, I asked if he could go inside instead. The kids insisted they wanted to go with daddy and I thought of using the opportunity so I also said I wanna go inside and suggested he turned off the car engine. LOL.

My red and black dress from Voir. My red stilettos (image above) is from URS. Samantha's dress is from Little Princess, in Sunway Pyramid.

I made a very surprised husband. I was glad. I thought I was the only one who crafted a surprise party. I did the party on the 3rd of January coz everybody would start school/work on the 4th.
Birthday Cake: D7000 DSLR Cake by AFA Party Planner

On the 5th, my husband and Samantha picked me and Schenker up from the school. We went out to have dinner at Nando's. When we came home, I saw this on the table: I felt numb. I didn't know what to and what to say and how to feel. My dream come true (I goaled to get it by the end of the year in 2012)... I got it on the first week of January. My husband is the awesomest of all.

My very own Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 VR11 lens for my Nikon D7000. I gave my husband an edible DSLR Nikon D7000 Birthday cake and he gave me the real thing. Hehehe. 

Like I said, I didn't like to be surprised. But to get a surprise like this? It's all worth the effort. Thank you so much, Lord for my gift - my husband. 

Happy birthday to me! LOL!

P.S. I personally wanna thank my friends Viviane and Davi for driving me around to find stuff for the party deco. Malaysia is so pathetic when it comes to buying things for arts and crafts. I left the house at 1:30am, making them really tired... Hehehe. But they were really really helpful in putting up the decos.

I want to thank my dear sister Eugenia for helping prepare the food.

My bro-in-law Babu and family for 4 bottles of Champagne.

Bernice for taking photos (I had to give my camera in secret so she could take photos when we arrive at the venue. 

Kim Lilian Jesudasan of A Family Affair Party Planner for the cocktail food. On facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AFA.partyplanner

Really awesome to have family and friends celebrate our special days. Thank you, Lord for them!