Chinese New Year 2012 Coming Up

posted by Jan

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Now that I have starting working, I become very conscious of the holidays. I used to just shrug it off. LOL. But now, it's 3 more days and it's holidays! Yay! Oh but please, don't get me wrong. I am loving my new job. Really thank God for this blessing.

Most of my students are Chinese. So now, I can already feel that they're already in a holiday mood. One of my students told me she couldn't wait for the New Year to come coz she's looking forward to getting Ang Pows (red envelopes) from her family and relatives. Chinese people believe that in giving red envelopes (of course, with the money inside), it will be a good luck.

And so, I believe that as early as it is now, Chinese folks are already preparing their Ang Pows. For other people, there are many forms of red envelopes and they could also avail someredenvelope radio codes to give away. For some, they get thrilled when they get money instead.

And so, yes... like I said, 3 more days and it's holidays. What's coming up for school break? I have yet to plan.

Yaaaammmmm Seeeenngggggg!