Escapade | Away from Kuala Lumpur

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Just lately we’ve been thinking of just going on a short escapade, away from the busy bustling city life in Kuala Lumpur. Although Kuala Lumpur, commonly known as KL is a beautiful metropolitan with a beautiful tropical city-look, it would be just nice going somewhere far away from the normal routine of life, and just chill-out at the beach.

I heard there are some really gorgeous beach resorts in Magaluf. I heard that it is just like the infamous Langkawi Island as they say. Not knowing where Magaluf was, I did some internet search and realized that Magaluf is a major holiday resort on the Spanish Island of Mallorca, and they especially known for their three main white beaches of Palma Nova Beach, Magaluf Beach and Mallorca Beach.

The beaches are known for sun-tan spots and water sports. Although I am pretty sure I would not need a sun-tan, I would think westerners would find the beach a sun-tan haven, and knowing me and my hubs, we’ll probably opt for the water sports.

I also read that they have a water theme park known as Aqualand Magaluf. It looks like they have some thrilling water slides and speed tubes. It does look like this will be a fun place to be.

Something I would really forward to, if ever I could really go for holiday in magaluf, would be the quaint traditional food and the craft markets for souvenirs. Souvenirs are something one must never forget to get when going for holidays in Magaluf. They have some really pretty indigenous cultural crafts that I’m sure my friends and family would love to have.