Holidays to Egypt

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Traveling has always been fun for me. I like it that I get to meet different cultures, people, personalities, and worldviews, besides appreciating all the other plus points about the country.

Hubs will be flying to Antalya, Turkey in March for meetings, and I know that Egypt is about 765km from where he would be. That could just take less than 7 hours by drive to get there. This could only mean one thing, I might want to go with him!! As soon as his meetings are over, we’ll go rent a car and drive to Egypt.

Yes, you’re got this spot on .. We might be going on holidays to Egypt! I’ve heard lots about Egypt. Read the news, and even had friends who had been on holidays to Egypt. They all have one common appreciation about Egypt. They absolutely loved the architecture, especially the pyramids, and its beautiful people. The buildings are absolutely stunning especially for photography.

I just can’t wait to make a trip to Egypt and go on a photoshoot, and yes, I am going to drag my husband with me, I am sure we will both enjoy doing some photoshoots as we both enjoy photography. The only photo of a pyramid I have is the image above and that's just a replica of an Egyptian pyramid with a Sphinx - Sunway Pyramid mall. LOL.