Come Home Running

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I love this worship song so much, Come Home Running by Chris Tomlin. I do have an internet radio that lets me choose which genre I would love to listen to. I can just key in an artist name, an album, or a song. I would usually key in Chris Tomlin's name.

This song has been playing in my internet radio for a few days now, I had to youtube it.

The good thing about youtube is that you can choose which songs you want to play and listen. The only thing is, you can barely see movies being posted in youtube as they take out those, especially when it's copy righted and all movies are. Anyways, there are so called pay per download movies. I have to settle with that if I want a movie at home.

For the meantime, I listen to my music through youtube and my internet radio. Awesome.

I do thank God for these blessings!