Brazil Trip

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The husband has been invited for a trip to Brazil. Before you get so excited, hold it off before I finish this. LOL. It is very expensive to go to Brazil. If I want to go with my husband, I need to save for a few months before I can come up with just my return airfare.

And besides, I have nobody to leave the kids with if I go. That, or a promise of a family trip for our next trip. So there's no way I can go with the hubs, financially-wise and kids wise.

Is my husband going tough? That is still yet to see. There are too many things involve if he confirms to go.

Anyways, it would really be nice to go to Brazil, considering it's once in a lifetime opportunity.

And so we'll just settle with a plan for a family trip somewhere nearby. And if we can get one of those cheap egypt holidays, why not, right?

You can tell my feet are itching to travel again. It has been such a long time. Wait. The most recent family trip was in December. Not too long ago. It feels that way though.  But I want to keep the promise of taking the kids with us on our next trip.

I hope by the time I am ready to go, we still get the opportunity to go to Brazil, with the kids.