Holiday Inn Groupon Deal

posted by Jan

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I am a sucker for raw oysters. Okay. That didn't come out right. But really, the thought of eating chilled raw oysters topped with tabasco sauce and squeezed lime juice makes me drool.

When the hubs came back from Thailand, he surprised me to a Japanese eat-all-you-can meal at Shogun Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. My eyes almost popped out at the sight of raw oysters. Then I realized there's no tabasco sauce. :( That's a really sad part coz raw oysters is nothing without tabasco sauce. But I ate almost 20 pieces anyway. Hehehe.

And while checking out my groupon emails - I have been a member since last year - I realized Holiday Inn had a an offer of 45% off their International meal that included raw oysters as one of the appetizers.

I am truly tempted to buy one.

And if ever I buy the voucher and claim it, I make sure I have tabasco sauce in my bag - just in case they don't serve it with tabasco sauce.

I think that would be a great deal.