Legoland Malaysia

posted by Jan

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Legoland is coming to Malaysia! Wow! The first Legoland I heard was from Florida, USA. I have heard it's a great theme park for families. I have been thinking that if maybe, we could find
cheap flights to orlando for a family of four, we could go and visit Legoland Theme Park.

Imagine being able to go and enjoy this family-oriented theme park. And imagine being able to go because they are coming to Malaysia!

Legoland will be the first international theme park in Malaysia. The only set back is, it's going to be in Johor Baru. That's 5 hour-drive away from Kuala Lumpur. But I guess it's very strategic as Johor Baru is brodering Malaysia and Singapore. So those visiting Singapore could cross over the border in a few minutes and come to Malaysia for Legoland.

Those coming from Kuala Lumpur will just take a bus, or drive down for 5 hours and yes, we could enjoy Legoland without having to fly out of the country.

Legoland Malaysia is open to public at the end of 2012.

Malaysia, are you ready?