My Easter Sunday

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Easter Sunday 2012

From my diary:

Here at an International Church in Kuala Lumpur. Our Chinese neighbor invited us for Easter celebration. It's like being transported to a different Malaysia. More expats. Rich Malaysians.

Looked for our neighbor who invited us. Husband, when spotted him, went over to greet him. I followed. He introduced us to their pastor, who was an American man. Then, he just left us. Had a quick chat with the pastor. He's very friendly. He basically wanted to know what we do. Then we were left alone on our own.

We looked for our neighbors again. Spotted the family having fellowship with their friends at the other table. So this was it. We're invited just to watch them having fellowship among themselves.

Somebody came to greet us Happy Easter. Hope rose. I recognized the accent. It made me smile. No wonder there's such hospitality from this lady.

After breakfast, we went inside the church. Since it was still early, the music team was still practising. Beautiful voices, I said to myself. The song leader spoke. I recognized the accent. Again.

There's something about my people that is so different. So different it makes you smile. And proud.

The service went well. It was contemporary for a traditional church like that. I enjoyed the service though. Hymns were sang. Reminded me so much of my childhood days where I was  part of the choir.

One remarkable moment was the communion time. Saxophone and piano in the background. It was so beautiful I almost cried.

Came out of the church and came home without seeing our neghbor who invited us. He's supposed to be introducing the hubs to the convening committee. I felt funny.

I enjoyed the church nonetheless. It was good to be singing songs for the Lord in a straightforward manner. Songs that you don't guess the meaning between the lines. Songs that truly glorify God the Father.

It was beautiful regardless of being neglected by the neighbor who invited us. Will we ever go to that church again if he invites us back? If we see good reasons for leaving us on our own, then probably, yes.

After all, when we go to church, we don't look at people. We don't look at the circumstances. But we do look up to the God who invited us to His Kingdom first. And that's the most important thing.

That was my Easter Sunday.