Root Canal Treatment or Tooth Extraction?

posted by Jan

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One of my molar teeth has been loose and I just left it like that until recently, I've started feeling the pain in my gum and now it's extending to my ear. And now I am thinking whether to pull it out or go for root canal.

I think it has been infected. I am not sure if I want an extraction. I heard it's painful to do root canal treatment because they have to drill under the tooth, fill it with a substance to sterilise the tooth. I am quite nervous with the idea.

The easier alternative is just to extract it. And never feel the pain at all after that, no fear of infection later.

But then again, I will have to leave it toothless coz I don't want to use a fake denture for my molar.

Things like these require one to learn more so we know what we're up to and not regretting of any decision to do things.

We'll see how. I need to ask around on what better to do coz root canal treatment in Malaysia costs a bomb!