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Family Time at Sakae Sushi, Sunway Pyramid

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Yesterday, I and my family went to Sunway Pyramid for a family time as part of our planned family holiday activities.

We went to Sakae Sushi for lunch. I have been craving for Ramen soup and some sushis. It's a good thing the kids love sushis too.

Apparently, the restaurant has improved so much technology-wise. We ordered our food using iPad2. All their tables are equipped with this technology for easier and more convenient way of ordering food.

The kids, however just took their sushis from the "running" server which was placed at the center of the resto so everybody can have access to the food.

I am glad my family loves Japanese food. Japanese cuisine is not cheap. But we do go from time to time, especially when I am craving for sushis dipped in a soy sauce with wasabe sauce.

I am happy to see my family enjoy the treat. After all, they deserve to get a treat from their mum who just had her pay day. *Grin*

Photo: Darling Wifey treated us to a nice Japanese lunch @sakae sushi. Life without you is incomplete ;)

Ikea, I miss you

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I have always blogged about hubby and I going window shopping in IKEA. Well, those supposedly just window shopping trips sometimes lead to actual shopping if we find something that we would need in the house, or something that we just fancy.

I just love how end tables give the corner of our house a chic look—so tables and living room sets are one of the things that I enjoy looking at when we have an IKEA trip. But since I have come across, I have enjoyed their gorgeous designs so much that I can’t help but wish I could make a purchase sometime!

Creative Teaching

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Teaching High School students really require lots of creativity. I mean, teaching should always be creative regardless of what level you’re teaching, but most likely, teens have a very short attention span that’s why it pays to prepare a fun activity for them to stay focused, awake and interested. I was wondering where to buy playbook when I started teaching.

I just knew it was going to be a need. I was so happy when I finally got one-- it’s really worth the investment. It has helped me a lot with my teaching preparation, plus it has apps that would be helpful in my teaching. Almost all of my students had one, too. Isn’t it amazing how we could make use of all these modern gadgets to make teaching a lot more fun?


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The hubs just bought me 200 grams of bakkwa. And he thought I'd eat it little by little. But no, this bakkwa lover wife couldn't do just that. And so what did she... errr.. I do??? Ate all of them in one sitting.

Bakkwa is a type of dried pork meat. It is very rich in cholesterol. You bet that my uric acid shot up after I finished all of them. I felt dizzy and my right shoulder blade ached.

I tried to flush it down my system quickly. Had to drink green tea. Also, I remember the health benefits of barley water. So I boiled barley water. I'm going to have a second mug of it.

I hope I'll be fine soon.

Style me Fabulous

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Style Me Fabulous, American Next Top Model and other reality shows about makeovers, fashion and style have a common backbone; without this group of professionals, these reality shows or fashion shows would not be as exciting. This group of professionals I’m talking about is the stylists - people who transform the contestants, models, or participants into a work of art.

Makeovers transform lives; they boost up self-confidence and self-esteem. To board this ship of amazing stylists/artists; much effort, knowledge, skill, passion, and experience is required. There's this place that can provide the essentials one needs, to be a professional stylist –Regency Cosmetology Schools, the place where you get high-quality education on style.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit or contact Regency Beauty Institute – 3583 Alpine Avenue NW – Walker, MI 49544

What to do When Your iPad2 Touch Screen Gets Stuck or Frozen

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I got a horror of my life yesterday when, after I downloaded a new app game for my iPad2, the touch screen just froze. I couldn't swipe it at all. Since I was still at work, I couldn't do anything to find out how to fix it.

Last night, when I had the time, I started googling on how to fix a frozen iPad2 touchscreen. The first thing I saw was: you couldn't doanything about it coz it has some faulty or maybe a loose connection internally. Send it back to the Apple Store.

That scared me. I didn't wanna go thru the hassle of going back to the store. I searched for another tip on how to fix your iPad2 when the touch screen gets frozen.

Then I read that you need to press the power button and the menu button at the same time until you see the apple logo, the apple... then release and wait until it restarts.

And that's it. I straight away deleted the newly installed app I just downloaded, just to make sure the touch screen doesn't get frozen again.

Hope this tip helps those who get their iPad2 touch screen frozen.

Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery - Tea Time

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Today, I went with Samantha for her Ballet and Drama lessons. The hubs was going for a meeting so I had to accompany her.

It's my first time to do this year. Since the start of the year, I have just been staying at home on Saturdays when Samantha and her father would go for her extra lessons.

There's one hour free time in between her lessons so I took her for tea at Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery. I think it's a new coffee shop. Samantha said she wanted to drink tea. The shop was pretty impressive. I was especially fascinated with the cupcake, I ordered one! It was great-tasting, too. I had cappuccino while Samantha had English tea. Well, by now she should know how to make herself English tea. ;)

Loved the ambiance of the place. They do serve other stuff, too. I need to go back there to explore more dishes.

Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery, by the way, is in Taipan, USJ 10.

All About Leather

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I am not much of a leather user but I do have a few leather-made items. I got myself a leather bag from Carlo Rino about four years ago, it was on 25% sale. It's the only leather goods I have that I can think of right now. Perhaps like me, you're not a fan of leather, but I'm sure that you own at least an item that is made of leather. Leather shoes, bag, purse, Bible, iPad cover, sofa, car seat, belt, and the list goes on.

They might be your one of your prized possession, so if anything damaging were to happen to it, your heart feels the pain as well. Right? Especially if it is limited edition good or a precious inheritance. Cuts, rips, tears, holes, burns, or any unforeseen and unwanted accidents.......

There is hope! Just so you know, leather restoration exist. Whether you want to repair or recolor the leather, protect or even change an old outdated color, it does it all. Wonderful, isn't it. Now you don't need to freak out when you spot a cut on your car seat.

Family Time at Giggles Boardgames Cafe

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I had a rough day at school yesterday. So I took a half day off just to go home, slept it off first, got up, process everything and talked to friends.

Some friends invited me for a board game in Taipan, at Giggles Boardgame Cafe. I decided to go because I thought it would be a good breather for me.

When they all left and my husband and son came to pick me and Samantha up, we decided to go back to Giggles Boardgame Cafe.

I am so glad we did.

We had a blast!

This was not my first time to go to Giggles Cafe but first time with my family. I think it's really good for interacting more with friends, bonding with family, and teaching kids the art of sportsmanship (winning and losing is not the rule of the game -- having fun is).

So yes, we'll definitely go back to:

Giggles Boardgame Cafe,
No. 1-1, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
UEP, 47620 Subang Jaya.

Ebay Malaysia

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I am one of those people who so love to look into items from ebay. Whoever invented the internet and online shopping should be thanked for for these great conveniences that we enjoy at this time and age. If you’d ask me what items I like to shop, it’s anything from books, shoes and bags.

It’s just sad, though that most of the items that I really like offers free delivery to US and Canada residents only. I have to get free shipping coupon code to make the most of my shopping and to get the items that I really like.