Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery - Tea Time

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Today, I went with Samantha for her Ballet and Drama lessons. The hubs was going for a meeting so I had to accompany her.

It's my first time to do this year. Since the start of the year, I have just been staying at home on Saturdays when Samantha and her father would go for her extra lessons.

There's one hour free time in between her lessons so I took her for tea at Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery. I think it's a new coffee shop. Samantha said she wanted to drink tea. The shop was pretty impressive. I was especially fascinated with the cupcake, I ordered one! It was great-tasting, too. I had cappuccino while Samantha had English tea. Well, by now she should know how to make herself English tea. ;)

Loved the ambiance of the place. They do serve other stuff, too. I need to go back there to explore more dishes.

Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery, by the way, is in Taipan, USJ 10.