What to do When Your iPad2 Touch Screen Gets Stuck or Frozen

posted by Jan on ,

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I got a horror of my life yesterday when, after I downloaded a new app game for my iPad2, the touch screen just froze. I couldn't swipe it at all. Since I was still at work, I couldn't do anything to find out how to fix it.

Last night, when I had the time, I started googling on how to fix a frozen iPad2 touchscreen. The first thing I saw was: you couldn't doanything about it coz it has some faulty or maybe a loose connection internally. Send it back to the Apple Store.

That scared me. I didn't wanna go thru the hassle of going back to the store. I searched for another tip on how to fix your iPad2 when the touch screen gets frozen.

Then I read that you need to press the power button and the menu button at the same time until you see the apple logo, the apple... then release and wait until it restarts.

And that's it. I straight away deleted the newly installed app I just downloaded, just to make sure the touch screen doesn't get frozen again.

Hope this tip helps those who get their iPad2 touch screen frozen.