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Our Father's Day Story

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Kids and I woke up earlier than my husband. Kids were so excited. A day before that (in Samantha's case, daysss before that), the kids prepared something for their father. We let the dadsidoo sleep in first, of course.

When he woke up, we asked him to sit on the sofa. Then one by one, Schenker and Samantha came to greet their dadsidoo a Happy Father's Day greeting... with all the thank-you-greets on how they're thankful for their daddy for taking care of them, for loving them, and for being a great dadsidoo to them.

Took my family to Sunway Pyramid, again... coz remember, I posted about giving my husband a treat to some raw oysters? And Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant was a great place for raw oysters... and of course, for some salmon and sushis and some other good food. The only thing with Shogun is that they don't serve Tabasco sause with raw oysters. And so I had to make sure I brought my own Tabasco sauce before going there. LOL. For me, raw oysters without Tabasco sauce and lemon squeeze is not raw oysters at all.

In case you wanna know, buffet price list for Shogun is 60RM for weekdays and 68.80RM for weekends, for adults.

Took the hubs to Daniel Hechter afterwards. He chose two shirts. :)

Father's Day has always been like a birthday day for all the fathers. I am just a bit sad that I couldn't spend time with my own father on Father's day... but inspite of the distance, I still thought about him... think about him... everyday. How I miss my father.

I hope the kids appreciate and cherish the times with their father. My husband has been a great dad to them and he tries to really spend time with them, get involved in everything they do, and just be there for them.

I am glad I am married to a guy that places family on his top priority list.

I love you, Shanks.

Schenker and Samantha love you, too.

What Would you Choose

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Choosing between universal life vs term life can be very confusing and will put you in a dilemma. Depending on your needs, one can choose a universal life insurance which extends far into the future, more than the benefit you can get after a loved one’s death.

You can also choose the term life insurance which can cover you or your family for a certain period of time. To avoid confusion, one must determine their needs and capabilities to pay for the policy. One must look ahead, making sure that their family won’t be burdened with unpaid bills or unfinished business.

Once the needs are identified, you can decide whether you take the universal life insurance or just be covered for just a few years.

To The Great Dads: Papa Evan and Shanks

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I must admit that growing up time, my dad wasn't around all the time for us. But the time spent with us were precious and priceless. My father is a man of integrity. He has that kind of respect from people he meets. He is a man of few words... but when he speaks, his words are full of wisdom. Writing about him makes me nostalgic for him. But really, there were times when he wasn't there for us... and I was longing for a father figure and I grew up like that.

I only got to spend time with my father that much after he retired from his job as a soldier. That's when I got to really know him. Those were the years I cherish the most. Those were the years of discovery. Those were the years of bonding as father and daughter. I truly thank God for my father. He had to work hard to keep us all and to provide for all our needs.

That's my father. He's always been wanting to keep us all by his side. But circumstances don't allow that to happen. My oldest sister lives in the north of the Philippines with her family. My second sister lives in Hawaii with her husband. I live in Malaysia with my family. My brother lives somewhere nearby. I guess it's a consolation enough that my youngest sister chose to go back to the Philippines to live with my parents.

They have done and sacrificed so much for us.To bring my parents to Malaysia and to take them to nearby countries like Thailand and Malaysia is the least I could do to show them my gratefulness. But I know that in my own little way, I could make them smile :)

And now that I have a family of my own, I am super grateful to God for giving me a husband that is a great dad to my kids. He spends a lot of time with my kids, inspite of his busy schedule. Whenever he's not responding to work calls, I guess you could assume he's spending time with his family.

I appreciate the fact that he's a hands-on dad to both my kids. My kids are indeed blessed to have such a loving and caring father like my husband.

Father and daughter at Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Father and Son at the Strawberry Park in Cameron Highlands

Father and kids at the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia, in October 2011.

Father's Day in June 2010

I am grateful to God for blessing me great dads.

My kids have prepared something for their father. I told them to keep it a surprise. But the moment my husband entered the door, Samantha blurted out: Tomorrow is Father's Day, right?


Anyways... have you found any gifts/presents for your dad and/or husband? I am treating mine to a raw oysters tomorrow.... errr... at Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. ;)

To all the dads out there... Happy Father's Day to you'll!

Breaking Dawn 2 Family Photo

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For those Twilighters outthere. Eat your heart out!


I am pretty sure you guys are uber excited for November to come.

Stole this shot when I was browsing through Yahoo Entertainment News...

The Cullen's (Edward and Bella) family photo for Breaking Dawn part 2. Coming out in November, 2012 and in Malaysia, too.

Small Business

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Many online shops and sellers have sprouted like mushroom nowadays. Tapping the power of the Internet has greatly increased their sales and profits. Conventional types of advertisements have also been overpowered by word-of-mouth ads. But even if these are no big-time corporations, there is still a need to get a liability insurance for small business.

But when the business can no longer compete with the others and that closing it is imminent, there is still something you can get out of it from the insurance, something you can use to start another business, perhaps. No one thing is really permanent in this world, so securing our earthly possessions for a certain period of time is just one of the best things we can do to survive.

Mesothelioma, A Rare Form of Cancer

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Back in the days, asbestos was a major material in building constructions. But according to thorough research and studies, asbestos has been known to cause mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by this substance. The mesothelioma types of cancer are malignant and develop at the lungs or internal chest walls.

Many who work or are exposed to asbestos dust or fiber are very prone to this very rare type of cancer. Many have also been compensated via asbestos funds or class actions lawsuits. Thankfully, the use of asbestos in buildings and constructions has already been banned due to its health effects. But despite our modern times, there are still structures that exist that are not asbestos-free.

Nikon Coolpix S30 Waterproof Camera

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I have a trip coming up and thought it would be nice if I can bring a camera that I can use underwater.

And so today, I walked in to my favorite camera shop in Subang Parade, the Fotokem. Somebody came and asked me what I was looking for. And so I said, I wanted an underwater camera.

My regular attendant came behind and told me... "Ah.. for your favorite brand, we do have underwater camera, the Nikon Coolpix S30. I smiled at the thought of him remembering his regular customer. :)

I wasn't really looking for a good quality underwater camera. I was trying to see if I could find that 48RM underwater camera I saw when I was browsing an online shop called Lelong. But they don't sell those film types, the Fotokem.

But when I checked the Nikon Coolpix and compared it to the waterproof casing for a dslr, I thought it's better to get a small one with almost the same price as the dslr waterproof casing. I would be so scared to bring my D7000 under water, no matter how secure the casing is.

And so, yeah... I welcome Nikon Coopix S30 to my camera collection. I hope to be using it a lot for my upcoming trip.

Nikon Coolpix S30 price is 340RM, that's about 110$US. It comes with 2 AA batteries, pouch, and 8GB memory card.