Our Father's Day Story

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Kids and I woke up earlier than my husband. Kids were so excited. A day before that (in Samantha's case, daysss before that), the kids prepared something for their father. We let the dadsidoo sleep in first, of course.

When he woke up, we asked him to sit on the sofa. Then one by one, Schenker and Samantha came to greet their dadsidoo a Happy Father's Day greeting... with all the thank-you-greets on how they're thankful for their daddy for taking care of them, for loving them, and for being a great dadsidoo to them.

Took my family to Sunway Pyramid, again... coz remember, I posted about giving my husband a treat to some raw oysters? And Shogun Japanese Buffet Restaurant was a great place for raw oysters... and of course, for some salmon and sushis and some other good food. The only thing with Shogun is that they don't serve Tabasco sause with raw oysters. And so I had to make sure I brought my own Tabasco sauce before going there. LOL. For me, raw oysters without Tabasco sauce and lemon squeeze is not raw oysters at all.

In case you wanna know, buffet price list for Shogun is 60RM for weekdays and 68.80RM for weekends, for adults.

Took the hubs to Daniel Hechter afterwards. He chose two shirts. :)

Father's Day has always been like a birthday day for all the fathers. I am just a bit sad that I couldn't spend time with my own father on Father's day... but inspite of the distance, I still thought about him... think about him... everyday. How I miss my father.

I hope the kids appreciate and cherish the times with their father. My husband has been a great dad to them and he tries to really spend time with them, get involved in everything they do, and just be there for them.

I am glad I am married to a guy that places family on his top priority list.

I love you, Shanks.

Schenker and Samantha love you, too.