To The Great Dads: Papa Evan and Shanks

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I must admit that growing up time, my dad wasn't around all the time for us. But the time spent with us were precious and priceless. My father is a man of integrity. He has that kind of respect from people he meets. He is a man of few words... but when he speaks, his words are full of wisdom. Writing about him makes me nostalgic for him. But really, there were times when he wasn't there for us... and I was longing for a father figure and I grew up like that.

I only got to spend time with my father that much after he retired from his job as a soldier. That's when I got to really know him. Those were the years I cherish the most. Those were the years of discovery. Those were the years of bonding as father and daughter. I truly thank God for my father. He had to work hard to keep us all and to provide for all our needs.

That's my father. He's always been wanting to keep us all by his side. But circumstances don't allow that to happen. My oldest sister lives in the north of the Philippines with her family. My second sister lives in Hawaii with her husband. I live in Malaysia with my family. My brother lives somewhere nearby. I guess it's a consolation enough that my youngest sister chose to go back to the Philippines to live with my parents.

They have done and sacrificed so much for us.To bring my parents to Malaysia and to take them to nearby countries like Thailand and Malaysia is the least I could do to show them my gratefulness. But I know that in my own little way, I could make them smile :)

And now that I have a family of my own, I am super grateful to God for giving me a husband that is a great dad to my kids. He spends a lot of time with my kids, inspite of his busy schedule. Whenever he's not responding to work calls, I guess you could assume he's spending time with his family.

I appreciate the fact that he's a hands-on dad to both my kids. My kids are indeed blessed to have such a loving and caring father like my husband.

Father and daughter at Cameron Highlands Tea Plantation

Father and Son at the Strawberry Park in Cameron Highlands

Father and kids at the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Australia, in October 2011.

Father's Day in June 2010

I am grateful to God for blessing me great dads.

My kids have prepared something for their father. I told them to keep it a surprise. But the moment my husband entered the door, Samantha blurted out: Tomorrow is Father's Day, right?


Anyways... have you found any gifts/presents for your dad and/or husband? I am treating mine to a raw oysters tomorrow.... errr... at Shogun Japanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. ;)

To all the dads out there... Happy Father's Day to you'll!