The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery

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Saturdays are always busy for the whole family. Samantha has ballet lessons and drama classes on Saturdays. Both kids have Children church in the afternoon. Usually, my husband is the busiest of all because he has to drive the kids to their Saturday activities.

But this weekend, he's been really busy. He had to leave the house at 8:30am for his meeting. Samantha's ballet class is at 9:30am. So we had to go somewhere to hang around.

Since The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery was just one block away, we decided to be dropped there, have breakfast, then go to Samantha's class.

And so, yeah.. I had egg omelette with green salad and coffee and the kids had their bread of their choice.

Photo: Breakfast before Samantha's ballet class yesterday...

The Carpenter's Daughter Artisan and Bakery is a cozy place to go to. Ambience is classic with a hint of contemporary feel. They make their breads and pastries and what nots in the morning. So the food is still warm if you go there for breakfast. Service is efficient, prompt, and friendly as well.

I don't mind going back there for another breakfast time with my family.