Wedding at The Westin Hotel Kuala Lumpur

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Our friend, Kenny's sister, invited us over for her wedding at The Westin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. I must say it was the grandest wedding reception I have been so far. I can also say it was the second most memorable wedding reception (mine was the most, of course).

This was just the most beautiful wedding gown I have seen and yes, better than mine. LOL. I love the dramatically intricate design, having real feathers to accentuate the back which matches the ballroom's wedding decors.

My favorite white african daisy a.k.a gerbera was ever present, too.

Heart-shaped thong giveaway was cute.

Red wine.
White wine.
How grand can it get?

Dinner starter:

The Westin Combination Platter:

Pan seared salt and pepper Foei gras, Mango Chutney, Onion Marmalade, Coffee marinated salmon, Asparagus and baby chicken roulade, spicy tomato salsa, and sun dried scallop brouille egg stuffed in pie tie pastry

Imperial recipe boiled superior NZ fish maw broth, Abalone wanton, Wild Monkey mushroom.

Wok-fried tiger prawn roasted almond butter silken milk osmanthus glaze.

Steamed Atlantic cod fillet, braised asparagus, king crab sauce.

And four more dishes that I forgot to shoot because they looked so yummy I couldn't wait to eat. LOL.

Have I told you it's bottomless wine?

And of course, the champagne was so smooth I could drink it like a water.

Wedding dinner ended with this fabulously prepared dessert:

After endless supply of wine.. who could remember to take down notes on what dessert they served? All I could remember was I savored everything to the last bit, I almost licked the plate smeared with chocolate. LOL!

And of course, the beautiful dance by the lovely couple. It was indeed a night full of romance, great food, wine... and ... emmm...

A night to remember by. Only my husband and I know. ;)

Oh, my husband's friends were the organizers. They did really well. Cheers to you, guys.

And a blessed and blissful marriage, Andrew and Pauline!