Häagen-Dazs Shake at Midvalley Megamall

posted by Jan

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I admit it. I sinned. I indulged. I couldn't resist the temptation. My husband and I left the Kids at MegaKidz to play while he and I window shopped. We got a bit thirsty and started looking for a coffee shop.

We saw Häagen-Dazs corner and saw they had a place where you can sit and hang around. I was really battling at the thought of getting another Häagen-Dazs because I just had one the previous week. But I couldn't resist it and I agreed to have Häagen-Dazs shake, vanilla with cookies and cream, please.

If you're a Häagen-Dazs lover, you would know that their ice cream is quite rich. I had a disappointment in my life when my shake tasted so diluted. The hubs also ordered iced lemon tea. When I sipped his drink, the iced lemon tea tasted richer than the shake.

Was it because of the flavor? I paid 24.90RM just for the shake and all I got was a diluted ice cream shake... it almost felt like I was strawing milk. Milk shakes in McDonalds probably are richer.

I think that's how they make their Häagen-Dazs shake. I am not going to pay 24RM, ever again, just to get a diluted shake. Might as well buy one pint that costs 30RM and make my own shake.

Anyways, here was my smile just before the sip. I was all soooo looking forward to a rich taste of Häagen-Dazs shake.

Probably, it's worth giving another try, just for the benefit of the doubt. I will go to the outlet in Sunway Pyramid, order the same flavour ice cream for a shake and see whether it tastes and feels the same. Hmmm...

Challenge accepted.