Blogging class.

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On Friday, which is the independence day of Malaysia, my lovely students came over to my house for blogging class. Just three of them, Huiying, Victoria and Natasha. I offered to teach them how to blog and increase their blog views.
I cooked spaghetti for lunch, and they came over just in time. We had sparkling juice for drinks. We all chit-chat a little which we were at the dining table, and we had a great time.
After cleaning up, the class begins! I told them to get a Google account first, then create a blog. They all had a hard time thinking about what to name their blog. Finally, they have made up their minds and created their blogs. After that, I taught them how to create a post, and they have already had ideas for what they wanna write about. What genuis students!
Well, then I taught them what's page rank and alexa. They got it really fast, and they're doing really well with their blogs so far. I'm really proud of them!

And if you're interested, you can go visit their blogs.

Thanks Huiying for writing this post without me asking you to do it. Just... Thanks...