Earthquake Tuesdays at Swensen's

posted by Jan on

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They have been doing this for years. Swensen offers half a price for Earthquake ice cream on Tuesdays. Hubby and used to go a lot for this promotion. Last Tuesday, we went there again to have another dose of temptation sugar. LOL.

I think I deserve another sugar ice cream after holding myself off from carbohydrates. I don't shun carbs entirely. I would still have it from time to time, especially when I get invited for a dinner and they serve pasta. LOL. It's my weakness and I can't simply say no to a good pasta (like the one I had last night). I loved it so much I wanted to eat more. But the self-controlled (or what's left of the control) me took over. I am glad.

Anyways... yeah.. if you're so into ice cream and you want to indulge, you may visit Swensen's at Subang Parade on Tuesdays and pay half the price for 8 scoops of ice cream (your choice of flavours) and don't forget to invite me because even if I'm on carb/sugar restricted diet, I still won't say no to earthquake ice cream at Swensen's.