Protein Diet, is it Good for You?

posted by Jan on

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There are a lot of people doing protein diet that results to weight loss. But is protein diet good for you?

According to what I read, it is good only for short term diet plans as having too much protein can lead to some health risks. And if you are into it, you might want to use sphygmomanometer to regularly check your blood pressure.

If you are healthy, you can do protein diet for six months or less.

Why is prolonged protein diet risky for your health? For one, it helps increase the risk for a heart disease. Protein diet is also not good for kidney as prolonged use can cause kidney failure.

If you are doing protein diet, make sure you increase your fibre intake, low-fat dairy products, whole grain carbs, and if chicken is included in your diet, make sure it is skinless.

Protein diet is good but make sure you check with your doctor first before you start your journey into a slimmer you.

Of course, don't forget to exercise, too!