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Online Shopping for Jet Skis

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I was browsing the web to look for some nice ski jackets in preparation for our our upcoming trip plans when I got to this website with wide choices of ski jackets. I actually have two choices whether to buy in the mall or buy marmot ski jackets on line.

Considering the time we have, I think it is wise to buy the jackets online because I have some coupons here to use so I can avail some discounts. That’s wise shopping isn’t it?


Maximizing Space at Home

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We have this material handling rack at home that is really helpful because it help us maximize the limited space we have.

You see, there are some things that we can’t just dispose of like our Christmas decorations which need ample and proper space or else they won’t be of use for the next Christmas season.

I’m just happy that my hubby came up with this idea of buying one for our storage room though at first I didn’t see its importance. It really pays to listen.


Jab We Met

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I am having some friends over for a week and right now, we are watching a Hindi movie called Jab We Met.

  File:Jab We Met Poster.jpg

 The film tells the story of a feisty Punjabi girl who is sent off track when she bumps into a depressed Mumbai businessman on an overnight sleeper to Delhi. While attempting to get him back on board when he alights at a station stop, both are left stranded in the middle of nowhere. Having walked out of his pressurised corporate business after being dumped by his girlfriend, the man has no destination in mind, until the girl forces him to accompany her back home and then on to elope with her secret boyfriend.

Music in the House

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What the world needs is music to enliven it. At home, music is part of our morning routine. Upon waking up, the first thing that I do is play some music to awaken my still sleepy senses. The kids are into it too and I’m glad that my little man has shown an interest in playing the guitar.

I promised him that he become very good in playing I’m going to buy a very nice guitar from bugera v5 guitar center. Call it an external drive to push him to do better and somehow I can see how effective it is.


Summer & Winter

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I’m excited about the summer. Like the kids, I can’t wait for it to come because hubby and I are planning to spend it somewhere in the beach. Plans have not yet been finalized but the kids are already busy talking what to wear and what games they are going to play in the sandy shore. For now, though, one can't stop wondering if we live where there's winter. One can definitely go skiing, wearing one of those ski jackets. I guess I would definitely plan for it, especially if we live in a country where there's snow.


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Many people have been into yoga nowadays and if you have been persuaded to join the bandwagon, you can definitely do it. Surely, everybody knows that yoga is an exercise that aims to unite the mind, the body and the spirit and has a lot of physiological, psychological and biochemical benefits for our body.

Studies show that yoga has even more health benefits than mere exercise and that interests me a lot. For a start, you may buy yourself yoga bolsters and get ready for your very first yoga session. Let me know how it goes for you, yeah?


Chilli Pan Mee

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Chilli Pan Mee. My students introduced me to chilli pan mee and I have never stopped thinking about it ever since. LOL.

 Pan Mee (Chinese: 板麺, pronounced as ban mian) is a Hokkein-style noodle, originating from Malaysia. Its Chinese name literally translates to "flat flour noodle". It is part of Malaysian Chinese cuisine. The dough is made from flour (sometimes egg is added for more flavor).

 Traditionally, the dough is hand-kneaded and torn into smaller pieces of dough (about 2 inches). Nowadays, the dough can be kneaded using machine into a variety of shapes, the most common shape being flat strips of noodle. Dry chilli pan mee is becoming popular, especially in the Klang Valley.[3] This dry noodle is served with minced pork, fried onions, anchovies, and topped with a poached egg which is stirred into the noodles.

The most important part of the dish is the dry chilli mix (or sambal) which is served with it. Those with a strong tolerance for chillies often add several spoonfuls of the chilli to the noodles, though most are content with one spoon of the fiery chilli.


Getting Ready

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My little girl wants to dress up for the Halloween and she wants to be a scary doctor. She said she wants to have her hair down with a stethoscope and some medical scissors as her props.

To complete the ensemble, we tried to look up for some lab coats for women online hoping that there are sizes available for kids. Luckily, we found one and you bet, my girl is now ready for the Halloween.


Weekend Family Time | Sunway Lagoon Club

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We've always promised the kids to take them to Sunway Lagoon Club. And so we took them there for a dip in a pool a couple of weeks ago.


 We're actually been paying the monthly fee to use the facility but since we're too busy, we don't go there regularly. Thanks to the kids for always bugging us to go. At least we can make use of the facilities.


That's Samatha up there enjoying the kids' pool. 

 And getting a bit more cozy at the jaccuzzi. 


 It is just so refreshing. I hope we can visit more often next time.

I Miss Singapore

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When my husband and I were newly married, we would go to Singapore at least once a year just for a visit.

Last year when my parents came over for a two-month visit, I took them to Singapore for a couple of days. That was the last time I went to Singapore. But I really loved our time there. Since we were there for only a couple of days, we hit Sentosa Island and Orchard Road. These two places are not-to-be-missed places while in Singapore.

Sentosa Island is tagged as Asia's favorite playground. You can spend a day there and realize it's not enough to cover everything.


Things you can do and visit in Sentosa Island include:

1. A visit to Universal Studios
2. Hang around either of the beaches, Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach.
3. Visit Fort Siloso
4. Visit the Underwater World
5. See Singapore's icon, the Merlion.
6. You may experience the Song of the Sea as a finale of your visit in Sentosa. It's a spectacular waterworks show in the evening.

Things to do in Orchard Road.


1. Go shopping.
2. Go shopping some more.


It's pretty much a haven for shopaholics.

If you're looking into what you can do for a family trip this school vacation, you may check out and plan a trip to Singapore.

I might do just that since I am missing Singapore so much.

Baci Italian Cafe, Citta Mall

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Went to Citta Mall for the first time yesterday at Ara Damansara for a meet up. Our friends took us to Baci Italian Cafe. It's my first time there and I truly love the ambiance. Since I love Italian and couldn't pass up the pasta, I ordered penne pesto. It's actually my favorite pasta of all times.


 My husband ordered this moist chocolate desert and I took a bite, inspite of my diet.


 Sigh. Who can resist this lovely, mouth watering chocolate cake? And so I promised myself I would fast today. LOL. That's a joke. Anyways, looks like Citta Mall is going to be my family's hang out in the future. :D

Thanks Aunty Lillian for the lovely treat. I had a good time catching up with you.


9th Anniversay Coming Up

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My 9th year wedding anniversary with the hubs is coming up so soon. And now I am cracking my head on what to give to my dear hubs for this special day. Will he appreciate a tie or a raymond weil? Would going out of town, just to two of us, better? I am not sure yet. But I am hoping that we will be able to celebrate our wedding anniversary quietly but memorable. Here's to us.

Family Time | Delicious, Sunway Pyramid

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The hubs came back from his one-week out-of-the-country trip. We thought of going out to spend time as a family before I went to church for the students' practice for the Awards Night.

To my favorite mall, Sunway Pyramid, we went!

I've been wanting to go to Delicious and I thought of giving myself a treat. I think I deserved it, after losing 4 kgs in 2 months.

I ordered cottage pie... and coke, obviously. It's my cheat day, remember? I haven't been drinking coke for the past 2 months and I thought... yeah well, one can of coke can't hurt.

Schenker's order was toasted ham and cheese sandwich. It came with fries and salad sticks.

And because I declared it a cheating day, I ordered this for dessert.

Delicious Berrilicious Chocolate Pavlova (RM13.50!)

While I enjoyed my dessert, the kids enjoyed the time with their father. He-he.

Showing my outfit for the day, too... with the best accessories one can ever have: My children.

Delicious Sunway Pyramid rating:

Food: small portion, big money
Dessert: to die for
Customer service: Needs improvement (we called for service for so long before somebody came to us.. while we were calling, saw them just talking). Also, served by a not-so-friendly waiting staff.

It's probably because we went there in the afternoon and mostly, during those times, one can get very bored/ready to nap. They are probably in their best moods either in the morning or in the evening. I have yet to experience.

Honestly, I don't mind going back there for Delicious dessert. There were quite a few that I wanted to try. Maybe, on my next cheat day, I might. And if I do, it's gotta be at a different time. (Gotta give customer service a benefit of the doubt).

Starbucks in Camerons!

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More than two years ago, when we were at Camerons, we were wondering why Starbucks or Coffee Bean haven't established their coffee shops there. We thought it would be a good business because people would naturally go for coffee or tea there.

More than two years later, which was last week, we were elated to see Starbucks in Camerons. It would be nice to have coffee there. Ahem, actually, I had a wrong motive. I was elated to see Starbucks. It would mean I could go online! LOL. I really have to because I need to check my writing assignments.
The other tea shop that we love have a wi-fi but we couldn't connect to the internet. It was connected and the signal was excellent but we couldn't open the internet. They must have a wireless security system that would allow them to block any outside users. Too bad. People nowadays would love to hang around coffee shops that have wi-fi. Their loss.

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A Job during a Break

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Those who know me would know that I have been a stay-at-home mom for at least 10 years of my life. It was only last year that I got this teaching job, which is to me, equally rewarding as being a SAHM. I had struggled with waking up early in the morning and keeping up with the busy schedules at first, but I got the hang of it eventually. There are times, though, that I do miss just staying in the house doing household chores. I stumbled upon for trophy display cases one time and I realized how much I need to sort lots of things in our cabinets. And anyways, that reminds me to start sorting things out already.