Chilli Pan Mee

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Chilli Pan Mee. My students introduced me to chilli pan mee and I have never stopped thinking about it ever since. LOL.

 Pan Mee (Chinese: 板麺, pronounced as ban mian) is a Hokkein-style noodle, originating from Malaysia. Its Chinese name literally translates to "flat flour noodle". It is part of Malaysian Chinese cuisine. The dough is made from flour (sometimes egg is added for more flavor).

 Traditionally, the dough is hand-kneaded and torn into smaller pieces of dough (about 2 inches). Nowadays, the dough can be kneaded using machine into a variety of shapes, the most common shape being flat strips of noodle. Dry chilli pan mee is becoming popular, especially in the Klang Valley.[3] This dry noodle is served with minced pork, fried onions, anchovies, and topped with a poached egg which is stirred into the noodles.

The most important part of the dish is the dry chilli mix (or sambal) which is served with it. Those with a strong tolerance for chillies often add several spoonfuls of the chilli to the noodles, though most are content with one spoon of the fiery chilli.