I Miss Singapore

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When my husband and I were newly married, we would go to Singapore at least once a year just for a visit.

Last year when my parents came over for a two-month visit, I took them to Singapore for a couple of days. That was the last time I went to Singapore. But I really loved our time there. Since we were there for only a couple of days, we hit Sentosa Island and Orchard Road. These two places are not-to-be-missed places while in Singapore.

Sentosa Island is tagged as Asia's favorite playground. You can spend a day there and realize it's not enough to cover everything.


Things you can do and visit in Sentosa Island include:

1. A visit to Universal Studios
2. Hang around either of the beaches, Palawan Beach and Siloso Beach.
3. Visit Fort Siloso
4. Visit the Underwater World
5. See Singapore's icon, the Merlion.
6. You may experience the Song of the Sea as a finale of your visit in Sentosa. It's a spectacular waterworks show in the evening.

Things to do in Orchard Road.


1. Go shopping.
2. Go shopping some more.


It's pretty much a haven for shopaholics.

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I might do just that since I am missing Singapore so much.