On Family Finances

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Since I started working, our family has to go through many changes. Our waking and sleeping times had to be earlier than usual-- it was a struggle at first but eventually, we all got the hang of it.

 Although my job is a bit demanding with time, I am happy that I also get to earn for myself. It means that I can buy things without having to ask from hubby, and shopping is a lot more fun and fulfilling! :)

 But of course, earning is not just about getting to shop for whatever I want.   I am also thinking a lot about saving up not just for family trips but really, just saving up for the future. I have been reading a lot about Annuityadvantage lately, and how I can make the most out of my investments.

I believe that saving up for our growing family and ensuring that our kids get a good future from it is a lasting gift my children can be very grateful for.