Decorating Our New Abode

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I blogged about our quiet Christmas last year-- we just did not have the energy to decorate a tree or buy presents under it with our very busy schedule. It was alright.. the kids have always understood the meaning of Christmas so they are always happy even without the merry-making and exchanging of gifts. But of course it would be good to have a family tradition, isn't it? So this year's Christmas, hopefully, will be a lot more meaningful to them with all those trimmings and lights.

 For now that Christmas is still 11 months away, we are trying to beautify our new abode. We already have furniture from our old place, but we are thinking of getting cushions outdoor so we could rest at the porch at the end of a long day. It's great to have one of those cushions because we don't have to worry if they'd get wet in the rain. I'm not sure when we will do the shopping for that, though. Beautifying a house is something hubby and I love doing together!