Nostalgia for Grey's Anatomy

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Grey’s anatomy is one of my all time favorite series; it’s a medical drama with a sprinkle of humor, lots of love stories, stories of friendship, of life and death. Just watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy would leave me breathless and aside from that I have learned a lot of things from it that I can use in my everyday life.

I remember the days when I would wait for the latest episode every week to see Derek and Mer's latest issues, or Christina's humor or Mark's hotness. I would also remember that my heart would break a little if they decided to have a hiatus and not show for a couple of weeks.

But it’s been a year since I've last seen it since right now I don’t have cable. And as a fan I would love to have one of the shows memorabilia, maybe a picture of me with Derek’s sailboat cap on or buy Greys anatomy scrubs or better a yet a picture with the main cast and all their autographs. That would certainly be a dream come true. But since I could not have that yet then I’ll settle for a Grey’s Anatomy marathon tonight with my best friend.