Musically Gifted Kids

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I posted a video of three girls singing "Oppa Gangnam Style" on my facebook one time. I am not really a fan of the song and the artist, but I have to say that those girls did a brilliant version of the song! So much better than the original, in fact.

 I saw that the video has been shared at least 40,000 times! I'm wowed. And they just sang that in their house with their kitchen on the background. I believe those girls will make it big-- and when they do, I am sure they would look back and marvel at their humble beginning. A friend shared to me another link of them singing, this time a Christian song and one of the girls playing the guitar. She was not playing one of those versatile Takamine Guitars-- she just had the ordinary one but she sounded good.

I have become such a fan of those girls.  Honestly,  I won't be surprised if I'd see them on TV one of these days!

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