The Fairy's Visit

posted by janet

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I have been seeing blogs that have been visited by the Fairy Hobmother and been wishing that somehow, this fairy would visit my blog, too. Just recently, I got a surprise and realized the fairy did! He finally visited me!

I am so glad to be a part of those blogges who have been given love and happiness by the sprinkles of love from the Fairy Hobmother. And if you ask me what I would wish to have, I would so love to have one Hotpoint BHWD129 Washer Dryer Built In White. It would be great to have one, especially in this rainy season in a tropical country. Right now, I do have two equipment to do my laundry. One is to wash and spin, the other one is to dry the clothes. If I do have a washer dryer, I can do both on one go. Not only it saves my energy and time, it saves electricity, too. Thanks Fairy Hobmother for the lovely visit!