Guard Dogs

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I grew up having dogs in our family. Dogs, somehow are a part of practically every Filipino household. Its main role is not just to be a pet but to be a guard dog because they shoo robbers off with their loud barking at night.

Here in Malaysia, though, we don't get to have pets because of our busy lifestyles. It would have been okay  if I was not working. But during the day nobody would be home to take care or feed them-- also, I don't want to hassle anyone to take care of the pets while we will be away for a trip. So, yes... having no pets is a decision we have made although the kids would have loved to have a pet to care of. It would be expensive to raise pets here, too. The neighborhood would probably require us to have wireless electric dog fence and to assure them that the dogs would not make any noise that would disturb the neighborhood at night.