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Lee Grane | The Voice

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Lee Grane is trending on my Facebook wall.

Once there are more than 2 people posting something the same on my FB wall, I would usually check out what the fuss is all about. I am glad I did for this one, too.

She totally bowled me over.

Lee Grane's Full Blind Audition at The Voice PH

Here's another youtube video of Lee Grane, doing Voice of Angel - Sarah Mclachlan cover.

The Rocker in Me

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Have you ever answered those "ice breaker" questions in church small groups? I love those. Questions could be as easy as "what's your favorite food/ color?" And then there would be deeper questions about faith, trust and would even be given a chance to air out our opinions. I remember answering a question about what my fantasy was as a teenager. I laughed at my answer, because it was such a surprising revelation: I have always fantasized of being a rock star!! Well, who doesn't dream of being one at one point? Every rock star with one of those PRS Guitars look cool, don't they?

 But of course I knew then that it was just a fantasy. I wanted to keep it a secret, but the ice breaker questioned demanded for a truthful revelation-- and now I am blogging about it! So I guess it's a secret no more... everyone who'll ever come across this post would know that there's a rock star inside of me! :)

Saving Up

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For many people (myself included a lot of times), saving up seems to be the last thing that comes to mind as soon as they get hold of their paychecks. What's even sadder is that there are so many who have to pay off their debts that they practically get nothing as soon as payday comes!

 The value of saving up is something that should be taught to people starting from an early age. It could begin with having a piggy bank or if at all possible, let kids open their own bank account. For adults, investing in silver coins could be a good start-- and eventually if finances are enough, investing in real estate would be a great idea.

Creating a Portfolio

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I can't remember the exact time that I fell in love with taking photos. Way back when all I had was a handy point and shoot camera, I have always loved to shoot flowers, nature and anything that I find interesting. After years of practice and learning lots of tips from friends that are pro in photography, I have been given chances do photo shoots-- well, not for a living yet but I guess it's getting there.

 For now I am just happy with what I am doing and I love it when people compliment my work. I feel like, it's worth all the effort. I am also blessed with beautiful students who were happy to pose for me. It's not everyday that a photographer finds stunning models who could pose naturally infront of a camera, right? Many people encourage me to make a portfolio of my shots--maybe I should find printing companies at if ever I'd plan to do that. I think that even if my shots are brilliant, the quality of the prints still matter a lot.

Missing our Movie Nights

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We miss going out for a movie with the kids. Our schedules have been very packed lately so we are thinking that if we could rent or buy a nice family movie that we could watch at home, it would be a good idea.

 I have been asking friends about a good movie they could recommend and one of those is "Flicka"-- a story about a wild stallion that has been trained for competitions. I searched about the movie and it actually has 3 parts now, but we still haven't watched even just one of it. Maybe the movie would spark an interest in horseback riding and equestrianism for the kids. Well, I don't know if it's a good idea to let them ride horses if ever. It's quite a rare sport plus I don't know where to get used english riding apparel here in Malaysia. But who knows, right? Horseback riding has always interested me as a child and maybe it would be a dream come true for me if one of the kids would be a professional rider!

 Ok, so much for my daydreaming-- let's watch that movie first.