Creating a Portfolio

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I can't remember the exact time that I fell in love with taking photos. Way back when all I had was a handy point and shoot camera, I have always loved to shoot flowers, nature and anything that I find interesting. After years of practice and learning lots of tips from friends that are pro in photography, I have been given chances do photo shoots-- well, not for a living yet but I guess it's getting there.

 For now I am just happy with what I am doing and I love it when people compliment my work. I feel like, it's worth all the effort. I am also blessed with beautiful students who were happy to pose for me. It's not everyday that a photographer finds stunning models who could pose naturally infront of a camera, right? Many people encourage me to make a portfolio of my shots--maybe I should find printing companies at if ever I'd plan to do that. I think that even if my shots are brilliant, the quality of the prints still matter a lot.