The Rocker in Me

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Have you ever answered those "ice breaker" questions in church small groups? I love those. Questions could be as easy as "what's your favorite food/ color?" And then there would be deeper questions about faith, trust and would even be given a chance to air out our opinions. I remember answering a question about what my fantasy was as a teenager. I laughed at my answer, because it was such a surprising revelation: I have always fantasized of being a rock star!! Well, who doesn't dream of being one at one point? Every rock star with one of those PRS Guitars look cool, don't they?

 But of course I knew then that it was just a fantasy. I wanted to keep it a secret, but the ice breaker questioned demanded for a truthful revelation-- and now I am blogging about it! So I guess it's a secret no more... everyone who'll ever come across this post would know that there's a rock star inside of me! :)