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A Wind

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I feel like I'm talking to a wind.
A brainless wind.

If I can't get an encouraging word from you,
To whom do I go to?

Now is the chance to show,
The real need, now you know.

But you chose to be quiet.

Isn't there an empathy?

Or you're too busy to fill the need?
Too busy filling the needs of others
That you neglect to fill the one's that's closer to you?

Too deep
The  pain won't go away.

Well, I think time is a lot better.
Al least it does heal.

But where, oh where are you now?


I'm like talking to a wind.
A heartless wind.

Ceramic Chinaware

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When it comes to the choice of chinaware, I prefer ones that are made out of ceramics or glass. It's a lot hygienic compared to its plastic counterparts. Although ceramic chinaware could be costly, I really think it's worth the investment. Aside from the health aspect, ceramic chinaware are also very presentable.

Hubby and I love to invite people to come over for a meal, so I see to it that our chinaware are presentable. I don't shop for new chinaware often, actually. I am always on constant lookout for sales and from time to time, I just shop for one or two because buying it by set could oftentimes be very expensive  and beyond my budget. Speaking of ceramics, I don't know what a ceramic tube is for. A friend asked me about it and I have to say I don't have any idea, either.

Anyway, back to my ceramic chinaware... I have to be extra careful in handling them.  It's not easy keeping them with little kids in the house, you know but I am just happy that our kids understand the value of the things in the kitchen they are very mindful not to break them.

Still a Bookworm

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It's sad that many young people these days are not that fond of books anymore. I guess we could not blame them-- everything they need to know is already available online, so what's the use of flipping through pages of a book when there's google?

 I could be a techie, but I still consider myself a bookworm. There is something about books that bring joy to my heart-- flipping through every page and finishing a book is just one awesome experience I could do over and over again. I remember how I would save up for books when I was in the university. Back then, photocopiers were not yet that popular so we should either buy books or borrow  from the library. I wish there we had books from, but we didn't.

 I could honestly say that I was a hardworking student and my hard work paid off--  that and my being a bookworm helped me so much to be who I am now.