Ceramic Chinaware

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When it comes to the choice of chinaware, I prefer ones that are made out of ceramics or glass. It's a lot hygienic compared to its plastic counterparts. Although ceramic chinaware could be costly, I really think it's worth the investment. Aside from the health aspect, ceramic chinaware are also very presentable.

Hubby and I love to invite people to come over for a meal, so I see to it that our chinaware are presentable. I don't shop for new chinaware often, actually. I am always on constant lookout for sales and from time to time, I just shop for one or two because buying it by set could oftentimes be very expensive  and beyond my budget. Speaking of ceramics, I don't know what a ceramic tube is for. A friend asked me about it and I have to say I don't have any idea, either.

Anyway, back to my ceramic chinaware... I have to be extra careful in handling them.  It's not easy keeping them with little kids in the house, you know but I am just happy that our kids understand the value of the things in the kitchen they are very mindful not to break them.